Jul. 14th, 2009

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I have a hangover and I'm trying a hangover cure I used to use when I was younger - drinking black coffee while listening to Black Sabbath. It still seems to work.
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I've had my cholesterol checked again.

Back in October 2008, my cholesterol was high at 6.4 with my bad cholesterol level at 4.2, and that should be below 2. I thus went on statins.

In March this year, my cholesterol had fallen to 4.9 and bad level to 2.6.

Now, my cholesterol level is 4.6, which is slightly better but she said they couldn't measure the bad cholesterol level because the amount of triglycerides in my blood was too high. This apparently is caused by drinking a lot of alcohol. I do recall that I had a hangover when I had the cholesterol checked, so must remember not to go out the night before my next check.


Jul. 14th, 2009 03:13 pm
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I have just watched last night's Emmerdale. I have never watched Emmerdale before, and I am glad about that. It really is an awful programme. However, the reason I watched it was because Paul Darrow was in last night's episode and will be in it for a few weeks. He really was the only highlight. He plays a totally over-the-top motorcyclist called Eddie - the role suits him down to the ground. And he had a classic line delivered in a way only Paul Darrow can - "I have a tiger on my backside; do you want to see it?"


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