May. 16th, 2009 09:47 pm
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Romania deserve no points for bending the rules. The woman singing apparently wasn't really singing but it was being done by the woman in the background that the camera never focussed on.

This was the first time I've heard the UK entry, and I was expecting to hate it, but it was actually quite good.

Finland wasn't bad, but they could never beat Lordi.

And finally a rather average entry from Spain.


May. 16th, 2009 09:34 pm
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Albania - good voice and daft show. So thumbs up. Norway's song sounded like something from a musical.

And then Ukraine. OMG, another totally over the top show. Gobsmacked.


May. 16th, 2009 09:20 pm
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The next batch of six started with a lively number from Moldova. The Malta singer had a good voice that improved an average song. I sort of liked the Estonia one too.

Denmark at least tried to do something vaguely resembling rock, but only vaguely.

And then came Germany. This is the sort of song Eurovision was invented for. Very 1970s. it could win. Totally over the top - brilliant.

Turkey is going for flesh over ability.


May. 16th, 2009 08:55 pm
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They are getting better. After an average song by Iceland and a boring one from Greece, we had a bit of fun from Armenia. And then quite a competent and powerful song from Russia. I loved the ageing special effects.

Azerbaijan was jolly but not particularly inspiring and Bosnia and Herzegovina is pleasant enough and probably worth some votes.
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Out of the first five, I thought Croatia, Israel and Sweden were crap. Franca and Lithuania were a bit better.

Portugal has just finished and that was probably the best so far. At least they were having some fun.
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Remember this and this, well [personal profile] sharikkamur has provided me with a third set of Icelandic beers, these three being all Easter beers.

title or description

Last night, [profile] lawrencewaite and I tried them out:

1. Viking Paskabjor (4.8%)
This was better than the other Viking beers we've tasted. It had a darkish colour and a slight chemically smell. I detected a hint of a nutty flavour but Lawrence didn't. It had a not unpleasant hoppy and dry finish.

2. Paska Kaldi (5.2%)
This was even darker. The swimming pool smell from a previous Kaldi beer we'd tried was there again and I wasn't keen on this beer at all. There is a slightly OK taste at the beginning that promises a lot but then quickly dissolves into a chemically aftertaste. I had to eat a few cream crackers to get that taste out of my mouth.

3. Ovisholt Paskabjor (6.2%)
This was the strongest of all the Icelandic beers we've tried and I suspect the guy who sticks on the labels had a few before he labelled this bottle as the rear label had been stuck on in the wrong place so it obscured a third of the front label. The beer itself was an amber colour, slightly cloudy. It was better for swigging rather than sipping as that brought out the reasonable long bitter finish.
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May the Fourth be with you

OK, I do this every year but it seemed a fitting post to test if I can cross post from Dreamwidth to LJ properly. Thanks to Emmzzi if it works.
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OK, I've started one of these.


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