May. 26th, 2009

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Four election leaflets came with today's post, and I wasn't very impressed with any of them:

1. United Kingdon First Party. I've obviously not been paying attention because I'd never even heard of this lot. Looking at the leaflet, they seem to be a UKIP lookalike with wanting to pull out of the EU and restricting immigration. They are also calling for an end to political correctness, which I presume means allowing people to be racist and sexist etc. The one-sided A4 leaflet contained grammatical and punctuation errors, which was amusing given one of their calls was "English language for all".

2. Conservatives. An odd-sized gatefold flyer with David Cameron's picture on the front with the pictures of the candidates relegated to inside. Wanting to keep the opt-out to the EU's working time directive would be a vote loser for me to start with, though in fairness I can't imagine any set of circumstances that would lead to me voting Tory. The leaflet is quite professionally produced and contains a balanced mix of local and national issues. I couldn't be bothered to count the number of times it used the words "British" or "Britain", but it was a lot.

3. Liberal Democrats (or Lib Dems as they appear to be calling themselves now). These are the Tories in disguise, and while this flyer doesn't mention Britain quite as often as the Tory leaflet, it does have a prominent Union flag. This is a more traditional A4 gatefold leaflet, done landscape. The paper is poorer quality than the Tory leaflet (actually even poorer than the UKFP flyer). Again, it has gone for a nice mix of local and national issues. It suffered from a bit of a printing problem in that some of the apostrophes haven't appeared (there is a space instead, which is why I think a printing problem rather than apostrophe ignorance).

4.Green Party. An odd, little two-sided square flyer. One side is dominated by a picture of four children on a beach holding a banner saying "Vote for us" with the name of the candidate in the top corner. The other side has a couple of headlines about voting for the country's future and contact details. There is not a single policy to be found. I presume a follow-up flyer is on its way.


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